Dielectric Coatings

A dielectric coating is a nonconductive, i.e. an insulating, coating.

At Jaro Corp, we manufacture and apply our own dielectric coatings: JARO 650 and JARO 650-T Polyimide.  These coatings are  proprietary polyimide thermo set materials, offering outstanding characteristics which include:

  • Remarkable resistance to high temperatures.  They also performs well at cryogenic levels.
  • High resistance to oxidative degradation, weathering and radiation.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasive and frictional wear.
  • Unaffected by solvents or oils.
  • Provides insulation against electricity. (3100 volts per mil for the 650 and a minimum of 1500 volts per mil for the 650-T)
  • The JARO 650 has a glossy red surface finish.
  • The JARO 650-T has a matte red surface finish.

They are applied in a thin film, which is important where space is of prime consideration.  The JARO 650 builds up at approximately .00025” per coat, while the JARO 650-T builds up at approximately .0015″ –  .002″ per coat.


Customized solutions for your dielectric needs are also available.  Contact us today to discuss your options!

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